Jul 17

Condos In The Yorkville Annex

Finding the perfect home is not easy. How do you know whether the best property for you would be one of the new condominimums in Yorkville annex or one of the older homes in the inner ring suburbs? Or a town house just off of the downtown area? Or a cottage in the hills? Even if you do have it narrowed down to a property type, there may be hundreds for sale that seem on the surface like they might fit your needs. How will you ever narrow it down? By creating a condominium wish list to give to your real estate agent, who can use it to guide his or her search for your new home.

Price range is obviously going to be the biggest and least flexible limitation on your search. Talk to your bank or get pre-approved for a mortgage to see how much wiggle room you have in your budget. You can get around paying a high price for your new home by being flexible on the location (homes further from the city center or in up and coming areas will be cheaper) or on the size (smaller homes are almost always cheaper unless they're luxury condos).

Next you'll have to compile a list of the hard and fast needs your family has when it comes to living space. If it's absolutely essential that you have an attic or basement for storage, an in-law suite to accommodate your elderly parents, a backyard where your dogs can play, or four bedrooms to accommodate all your children, these things should be at the top of your wish list. If you're willing to be flexible on some of these issues (such as having your children share rooms) you will have more options in your price range.

Move-in readiness is something a lot of homeowners are looking for these days, which often means a newly renovated kitchen and bathroom as well as an open plan main living area with hardwood throughout. If you're willing to put a little work into the home to get it to where you want to be, your agent can often find you a home where you will save a lot on the asking price - perhaps even more than you will need to renovate it to perfection, so if a fixer upper is a possibility, be sure to mention it.

And finally, to help guide your agent you should list some of the things you like in homes but aren't a requirement, such as closeness to public transit, dedicated office space, granite countertops, three car garages, or finished basements.

Jul 16

Buying Your First Home In Riverdale

The real estate market can be daunting to first time buyers, even if you're buying in a small town like Riverdale, Toronto. The popularity of the area and the amount of development that goes on there means that there may be dozens upon dozens of homes for sale in Riverdale at any given time. How, then, can a first timer be expected to choose and buy one? The chief concerns of a first timer are getting what you want and not paying too much for it, so these selection and financing tips may help you.

One of the biggest mistakes first time buyers make is getting in over their heads with regards to their mortgage payments. Too many people expect to be able to buy the same type of home as the one they grew up in, failing to realize that their parents have changed houses several times in their lives and their family size and buying power changed. Unless you've already got children and a large savings account, chances are your best bet is to buy something modest and small, like a condo or town house.

Figuring out how much you're able to spend is a trick that not everyone figures out. Your savings should constitute between 5% and 20% of the home's purchase price (depending on your bank's requirements for a down payment) and your monthly mortgage payments should never exceed 30% of your income. For people who have been renting for a long time (while still able to maintain a balance budge and contribute to savings) this is equivalent to your old rent payments. Remember that if you're buying a condo, you will also have monthly condo fees to take into consideration.

When you actually start to visit properties that are for sale, it's important not to get carried away looking for every single feature you've ever wanted in your life. Sit down before you start your search and decide what you truly need - such as an easy commute to work or a second bedroom for your office. The rest can go on a 'would like' list for the realtor to consider accordingly.

Jul 15

Can You Afford A House For Sale In Toronto

There are not many people who can afford to live in a large home in downtown Toronto. You might be able to find a place that will suit you when you're still single in the form of a condo or a townhouse if you're recently married but it is difficult to find a home with three or more bedrooms and space in the backyard. If you would like those things then you might want to look for a home in one of the communities surrounding Toronto instead of living downtown. You might want to look at a house for sale in Toronto, for example.

Toronto is located just north of Markham and is that perfect combination between still living life in the Greater Toronto Area with all of the amenities and services that includes and the countryside that is still on the edges of this community. If you would like a modern condo with all of the latest features that is cheaper than those available downtown then you will find that here just as easily as you will find two-storey single-family homes with a pool and a swing set in the backyard. The first thing you're going to want to do when looking for properties here in Toronto is to decide what style of home might be best for you and the other people that will be living there.

When you're looking at the choices of properties, you will quickly see that there is real estate that is meant for those that are buying their first home and there are million-dollar houses that are lavish and include a long list of extras that you wouldn't find in the average property. To find out what you can afford, you're going to want to start by visiting your local lending office. And remember that if you are looking into buying one of the Toronto condos available that you will need to pay monthly condo fees as well as your monthly mortgage payments.

Toronto is a great place to call home and there are a number of people who choose to raise their family here. While you're looking for a quieter property, remember that you might have to commute into downtown several times during the week. Some people are looking for a home near a major highway while others want something on the transit route so that they can take the train and leave the car at home.