Sep 26

Glass Railings and Staircases Give You the Design Impact and Functionality You Are After

First Impressions

For many homes the entryway or foyer gives the first impression a visitor receives upon entering your home. Many floor plan styles put the staircase of the home located in the foyer or near the front door. It doesn’t matter if you have a traditional straight staircase or a grand sweeping curved staircase, you can use this necessary architectural feature to make a huge impact on those coming or going.

Glass Railings– Reflect the light around your home!

Interior Glass Railing

Reflect light around your home with a glass railing! This railing is by

If you are looking for a staircase that will really showcase your own design style and wow each visitor to your home, glass railings can help you achieve that look. When people enter your home they will automatically think of sophistication and modern touches. Glass panel staircases also incorporate wood, metal and stainless steel handrails to complete the look and design, and compliment the other features of your home. Staircases with glass feature railings are often a popular choice for small areas because they keep an open-space feeling and do not limit any amount of natural lighting from nearby windows and doors or make the room look smaller with all the wood or iron taking up space much like a traditional staircase would. The use of glass railings is not limited to the interior or your home. Many homeowners are choosing to extend the look to the exterior as well. Tearing down the old wrought iron porch rails to replace with glass panels and metal handrails can instantly give your home’s curb appeal a major boost. If a home renovation is in your future and you have longed for a way to update the staircase and entryway of your home, a beautiful glass staircase should make it to your short list. There are a number of options as well when it comes to the design you are after. Even curved glass panels are available for those with unique space and design challenges.

Where do I turn for help choosing the best glass railing & handrail combination?

Your best bet is to talk with experienced and knowledgeable professionals, like those at An expert can help you decide which type of material you want to use for your home’s space. Would you prefer a hard wood handrail with glass panels held by clips? Or maybe you would rather keep a contemporary feel and compliment the tempered glass panels with a shiny stainless steel rail? You may even choose to have no wood or metal hand rail and go with an all glass, or floating staircase as they are called. If you have an active home with children and or pets, safety need not be a concern when considering a glass staircase or glass railings. Each panel of glass is between half and inch to one inch thick and can have a sandblasted or texturized finish so they are more visible to children and pets. You have many options to choose from when it comes to home renovations or upgrades, but if you are after one that will really be a good investment as well as catch the eye of all who enter your home, a glass and metal or glass and wood stair case can do it for you.